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It might be slightly provocative but this is the question that has paved the way for Movewell. It addresses the quality of movement in all aspects of your life. The answer doesn’t come easy, because how can we measure “well”? However, in our fast moving times, where efficiency and performance are key drivers, it is more relevant than ever.

One thing is certain: movement determines our quality of life – at any time of the day, every day. It has a direct impact on our health, our wellbeing and even success and our achievements.

“Lost in countless fitness trends and health advisors?”
Once too often we were asked random questions like: ”How long do I have to run?“, ”How often am I supposed to exercise?“ or ”Is swimming good for me?“.
Questions like this can only be answered if we employ our standardized movement screen to you and check your movement competency beforehand.

It is our highest priority that you’ll be able to live pain free and unlock your full potential whenever necessary.
Limitations and physical complaints are common, and in our living conditions almost omnipresent. However, they shouldn’t slow you down.

Our holistic therapy and movement system focuses on your body perception, overall mobility & nutrition – key drivers of a functional body – they will prevent future injuries and prepare you for the demands of your life. It is time to explore new paths. We will find out what makes you move and what your individual challenges are – let’s lay the foundation for optimal movement and solid health.

Our main principle is to treat our clients just like we would like to be treated. You as an individual with your concerns are the reason why we founded Movewell in March 2017. It is important for us to be a transparent company and hold the highest moral standards for ourselves, but most importantly, for you. Team Movewell will continuously be growing, and we will be constantly looking for capable employees and partners. Our core values drive us and keep us grounded.

Never run in place. Stay hungry for knowledge and progress.

Always be kind, genuine, and open-minded.

Motivate. Inspire.
Stay passionate and positive, and people will follow you.

Know yourself.
Always be able to receive and give constructive criticism, so that you can work constantly on your weaknesses and learn from mistakes. Willpower is your starting point, education your vehicle, and curiosity your pace.

Look ahead.
Start with WHY and move with purpose.

Create new.
Think differently. There will always be someone who says you can’t. Explore new paths, and avoid making mistakes twice.

Movement becomes Lifestyle.
Practice what you preach and be a role model for what you stand for.

Take The Reins.
Be a problem-solver and go find a solution, but don’t promise what you can’t deliver.


The Movewell System



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